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Peer Translator - A community for Translators 


Peer Expert Help

Whenever you get stuck while translating content from English to Hindi (or vice-versa), ask your queries from our team of Peer Experts. The service is completely free up to a certain word limit.

Exclusive dictionary for Translators

We have created an exclusive dictionary which is a gold mine for translators. It contains the translation of Idioms, Proverbs, Administrative terms from Hindi to English and vice-versa.

Community of Peer Translators

Our aim is to revolutionize the freelancing experience for translators. In our community, we provide you work opportunities, free training, workshops in which you can get paid!

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English to Hindi and vice-versa.

Every language is different hence we don’t believe in word to word

translation. Our idea is to convey the correct message or information

beyond the barriers of language.

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